Zoe Clare Wells

Blog assessment:

My chosen blogs:  “I don’t like Mondays” (748 words) “It’s a sign” (534)  “Yours sincerely” (284)

Total word count: 1,602

Blogs I have commented on:   (34 words      (43 words)

“This is a very good point. I guess it also links to our reliance on social media now we find vines and videos a key source of amusement. Sharing embarrassing stories is a sign of confidence and friendship. I admire your positive attitude!”

(123 words)

On Lasagne 2015’s blog – ‘The many wonders of communication’ (73 words)

I agree with this blog completely. Using public transport frequently, I have realised the importance of signs. As you have suggested without them much more confusion would be created. Despite signs essentially pointing out things that seem obvious to most we would certainly notice a difference if we didn’t have them. It’s amazing how such small discourses can have significant effects on our actions and how we present ourselves within a social situation.


Total word count: 273


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