Anti-social media

The possibilities are endless! See you soon, speak later, g2g… to name just a few. This will more than likely be different for every person.

The methods we use to communicate online are called digital literacies. This refers to the language we use for different mediums.  We have what is called a social identity which is how we represent ourselves online. This links to the things we post on Facebook, the things we tweet about and what kind of messages we send over whatsapp. Imagine if everyone used their online vocabulary in their spoken language. Personally this seems really odd. I don’t think I would stand up, ready to leave and say to a friend “G to G” . When we say it out loud it can seem a bit blunt.


It seems in some ways technology has allowed us to avoid conversation or at least be more direct in our approach. The increase in technology has allowed us to improve the working environment but it is also crazy to think that we would rather email someone than walk ten yards to talk to them.

Years ago if someone called you on your house phone, you would have to speak to them. Now we have mobiles and social media we can easily avoid people. If you don’t want to reply, you can ignore the message. I feel sad about this in a way. It would be much nicer if you could answer the phone instead of replying to a message. Things can easily be misinterpreted over messaging which may not have occurred if you phoned someone.

Social goods are the little self esteem boosts we receive from being online; this may include many likes on a picture or many comments on a post. Personally I think that ringing someone and getting lost in conversation is much nicer than receiving a Snapchat from them.

As I have started Uni and lost touch with some friends I realise I have a love/hate relationship with social media. I enjoy seeing what other people are doing and it’s quick and easy to message a friend. At the same time social media reduces the length of our conversation and allows us to ignore or be ignored.

What I am trying to say is that being online shouldn’t be about how many followers we have or how many likes we can get.  Social media has allowed us to keep in contact with many people, when previously we wouldn’t have. We can have a small insight into peoples’ lives even if they live thousands of miles away. I do believe that social media can make us feel good about ourselves but it can easily have the reverse effect. I don’t really have a solution to these issues, I guess what I am trying to suggest is next time you pick up your phone think about whether a message or a call will make that person feel more important to you. Sometimes a talk with a good friend is all the therapy you need.


3 thoughts on “Anti-social media

  1. I would say I am more of a ‘texting’ person, although I do see a huge difference in whether you pick up the phone to ring someone or to text them. A phone call, yes seems more meaningful in a way and there are certain things you wont say over a text. Either way the contact we can have with others through texting, phone calls or social media has built or even broken down friendships. It’s such an amazing and powerful stool it’s just about using it in the right way. I think it will only grow and sooner than we think there will be many other ways to keep in contact and become involved in others lives.

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  2. This blog really encapsulates both the positives and negatives of social media. It is certainly an eye-opener for a seemingly mundane social activity that we are all guilty in taking for granted. I agree that it is sad that the concept of social media is to ‘communicate’, yet social media has somehow caused us to become more ‘out of touch’. We are all in our own little bubble, trapped on our phones, listening to music, endlessly scrolling through newfeeds to see what your friends are up to rather than actually communicating with them. Perhaps social media is not a necessity, but more of a want, our parents survived without snapchat, whatsapp and instagram…perhaps we should go back to the real purpose of a mobile phone for a day!

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  3. As some who’s been criticised over their word count in online messages, I can agree that social media has made shorter messages the norm and anything over two sentences comes across as alien or infinitely dramatic. I regularly find myself strategically omitting pronouns and adverbs from my messages in an attempt make myself appear like a normally user of social media.
    I think we lose a few layers of depth with the new found limiting word counts being opted for by the masses.

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